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The Neocatechumenal Way – 26-10-2018

26th October 2018 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Neocatechumenal Way

Neocatechumenal Way


The Neocatechumenal Way

The nature of the Neocatechumenal Way is defined by His Holiness John Paul II when he writes: “I recognize the Neocatechumenal Way as an itinerary of Catholic formation, valid for our society and for our times.” The Neocatechumenal Way is at the service of the bishop as one of the forms of diocesan implementation of Christian initiation and of ongoing education in faith. The Neocatechumenal Way, endowed with public juridical personality, is composed of an ensemble of spiritual goods

Our parish has invited The Neocatechumenal Way to deliver a catechesis starting on the 2ND October for around seven weeks every Tuesday and Friday, why not come along and listen?

Maybe you are unsure about The Neocatechumenal Way, you may have questions to be answered – YOU ARE VERY WELCOME for an INTRODUCTION TIME with an amazing young couples to help answer any questions – it will be held on 1ST October (Monday) at 7.00pm in St Swithun’s church HALL. In the primitive church, when the world was pagan, those that wanted to become Christian had to begin a “catechumenate,” an itinerary of formation in preparation for Baptism. Today the process of secularization had brought many people to abandon the faith and the Church: because of this there is a necessity for an itinerary of Christian formation.

The Neocatechumenal Way is not a movement or an association, but an instrument in the parishes at the service of the bishop to return to faith many of those who abandoned it.It is a way of conversion through which the richness of the gospel can be rediscovered. Recently as an answer to the Pope’s call for a New Evangelisation, many families that have lived this experience have offered themselves to help the mission of the church going to the most secularised and dechristianised places in the world, preparing for the birth of new missionary parishes.

For ALL PEOPLE, WHO WOULD LIKE TO BECOME CATHOLICS this will be the first part of the RCIA Course in our parish!

ALSO, the attenders of our SCRIPTURE MEETINGS are very welcome to join this special journey of faith, and our meetings will be renewed in December.


Pope Francis: “You have accepted the call to evangelize: I bless the Lord for this, for the gift of the Way and for the gift of each of you,”



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